{ The Power of a Promise }

Each one of us has the potential for a great life. Each of us has something special to offer the world; we need only to discover what it is. If you take the time to read and apply The Power of a Promise, I hope you will discover the life that you were meant to have and the gifts you have to share. As you will notice, the book centers on six important elements that provide focus in my life and guide everything I do. They are hope, heart, human spirit, dreams, determination, and discipline. . It is my belief that these elements provide a solid foundation upon which we can all build.

The significance of each one of these elements is demonstrated in the stories I have included and the promises I made to myself that I now reveal to you. As we embark on this journey together to discover The Power of a Promise, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I wish you much success.

Have you ever discovered an inspiring story of someone who has made a real difference in the world and asked yourself how they accomplished that?

Lesra Martin’s secret is he believes that neither your intellect nor your circumstances will ultimately determine your success in life; that the real key to success lies in our ability to make a commitment to ourselves and then to fulfill that promise, whatever it is!

Filled with thought-provoking insights and practical guidance for tackling the everyday challenges we all face, The Power of a Promise takes us on a journey to uncover our hidden strengths, to discover the gifts that we have to share and to reveal the life that we were meant to live.